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August 8, 2020

Snippets of New York City and its surrounding communities....

Suspect arrested and woman died after fatal crash at the gas station in Long Island
Rosalie Koening, a 62 year old woman, of Mastic was hit by a car at a Mobil Station near William Floyd Parkway and Moriches Middle Island Road at around 11:30am on January 14.

Police arrested Renee McKinney, 53, of Mastic who was behind the wheels and said to be under influence of drugs reported by police.

McKinney missed a turn and lost control of the vehicle which slammed toward the gas station when Koening was pumping the gas to her vehicle. A passenger inside Koening's vehicle was not injured.

Koening, at hospital, has succumbed to her injuries during a surgery on Sunday morning at Stony Brook University Hospital.

McKinney was arrested and arraigned in court on Sunday.

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