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NYC Transit, Metro, MTA, LIRR + Hiring Paid training No Exp....
Posted 10/27/2015 6:53:06 PM
Category Employment
Sub-category Miscellaneous
Salary $18. to $36. Hourly

Hey thought I'd share this link if you no someone looking for a good paying Job free paid training & really good Salary too after 2-wk OSHA, I checked it out already got my Application start Class in November, Still hiring more people all over, Let someone know. (

NYC Transit Authority, Metro, MTA, & more ALL Hiring with Free Training NOW!!

Ready for a New Career? Now you can get "Free Training" with the New York City Transit Jobs, Metro, L.I.R.R. & many others with the upcoming Classes starting next week, You'll receive opportunity train with them all once you receive your Application, Many are needed and will be hired after training, Classes will be in every borough Day & Evenings, Must be 21 years or older with a Green Card or valid State I.D. and Social Security Card in order to start Class, High School Diploma is not needed, No experience necessary, Improve Your finances with a Union, There's not much time to get enrolled, After your 2-week training you'll be transferred to a (O.J.T.) on the Job training Manager at your work site location, You will be given paid training for $18.00 hourly until Class is completed then provided with regular salary from $18.25 hourly thru $36.75 paid wages, The City Technical Contracting services (C.T.C.) and many other Contractors are in need of many People to help work with Developers and Local Union permanent positions to provide them with one of the biggest overhauls in this City's history for 2016 thru 2020 Completed services, Get your training now for the following skills will be sent to you to choose from along with placement immediately after you complete Class certification.

Train Station Customer Service Admins

Coach Cleaner/ Custodial Workers

Administrative Assistants

Conductor Trainees

Lineman Trainee/ Riggers

Electrician & Elec. helper's

Metro Plus MTA

Booth Clerks

Welder/ Fire-Watch Commanders


Carpentry/ Track workers

Bus Driver Interns

Foreman trainees

Starting Salaries $18.25 hr. to $36.75 hr. (depending on training position)

(all 5 boros to choose from while opening are free) Benefits included after 30 days:

Don't miss out on a golden opportunity with 100% full Medical & Dental assistance, 401K plans & more, NYC Transit Authority services thru NYC-Transit Job works is offering you a faster processing option now to get you started in the next Classes starting in November, So sign up now to guarantee your seat towards these opportunities so you'll have a great career that your Family will be proud of and you simply can't miss out on, Get started.

To sign up to get yourself listed in the next training Class go to ( Note: Classes starting soon!

Some assignments you will have to take additional Class for a mandatory 10 hour OSHA Safety Certificate within 30 day period after starting your work assignment, small scale fee may apply, Complete Training to get you started is ready for you, We need many People right away, We're looking forward to getting you started, This is an equal employment opportunity, Must be 21 or older with a Green Card or a State I.D. with Social Security Card in order to start Classes, High School Diploma not needed, Sign-up now!

To sign-up visit us online to get you started: (

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